PhD Workshop


Heritage, Sustainability & Innovation in Tourism (HSIT)



  1. Silvia de Ascaniis; Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication of Università della Svizzera italiana - USI, Lugano (Switzerland).
  2. Emil Juvan; University of Primorska, Faculty of tourism studies Turistica, Department for Sustainable Destinations Development, Portorož, Slovenia. 

OBJECTIVE: to provide a discussion forum for PhD candidates at various stages of their PhD studies. More specifically, the workshop will provide a brief opening presentation by workshop hosts, followed by short presentations of PhD workshop attendees and concluded with collaborative search for solutions to challenges/issues/gaps presented by workshop attendees.

   Figure 1: PhD workshop structure

TARGETED AUDIENCE: the workshop is suitable for PhD candidates at various stages of their PhD studies on research topics related to heritage, tourism, innovation and sustainability.

FORMAT: the workshop uses a three-stage collaborative discussion format:

  1. presentation format:
    1. Stage 1: hosts present 1) key knowledge gaps in heritage, sustainability and innovation and 2) research methodology ensuring reliable and valid knowledge; both needed for ensuring sustainable future and fuelling future research.
    2. Stage 2: PhD candidates present their research topic, methods used and key challenges/issues or gaps (and solutions used if applicable).
  2. discussion format:
    1. participants elaborate on solutions to research challenges, issues and gaps presented by PhD candidates

DURATION: approximately 120 minutes (Wednesday, May 18th, 11:30 – 13:00)

REQUIREMENTS: structured preparation is a key driver of successful workshop. Therefore, PhD candidates must:

  1. Prepare a 3-minute presentation (power point or similar, 2 slides max.):
    1. Slide 1: research topic, objectives, research stage
    2. Slide 2: issues/gaps/challenges (and solutions for candidates nearly completing their thesis).
  2. Submit the preparation for workshop presentation latest by April 30th via e-mail
  3. Collaborate in a friendly and encouraging manner in the discussion section of the workshop.

The best PhD candidate presentation will be awarded!